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Autumn 2008 Horoscope

Autumn, 2008
Autumn Equinox
Year of the Soul Begins
Libra, Sign of Choice
Eclipses & Signs of Crisis & Testing
Looking Inward as Mercury Retrogrades in Gemini
The Autumn's Night Sky
The United States – Lighting the Way
Call For Communtiy
November's Elections

Autumn begins with the sign of the interlude, Libra, where a hush seems to occur in nature and in the hearts of humanity. As Autumn begins, so begins Year of the Soul, the UN begins its new sessions, and soon the Jewish holiday festivals begin.

Autumn Equinox
As the Sun shifts from Virgo to Libra, as Autumn Equinox begins, protective & sword carrying Archangel Michael, replacing Uriel, the summer Archangel, assumes care of the Earth until winter solstice. At each equinox and solstice, the signs of which create the arms of the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), there is a Sun seed deposited within our bodies that follows the path of the Sun itself. At Autumn equinox occurring in Libra, sign of equalization and balance, the Sun's light is poised at the equator, line separating Earth's northern and southern latitudes in equal segments. So too, in our bodies, it is our heart center that is the central, balanced and equalizing part of us. Therefore, the Sun seed, during Autumn Equinox is "poised" within our hearts, where it is love that balances us. The heart of the Sun is Jupiter, Ray 2, Ray of Love/Wisdom.

Year of the Soul Begins
At the moment of the equinox, many esotericists (New Group of World Servers) gathered within the etheric plane to recite the Soul and Great Invocations. Autumn Equinox esoterically is the point at which the Year of the Soul begins. As Autumn Equinox signifies a moment in time where there is a balance of light and dark, expansion and contraction, summer and winter, Libra signifies that from now on darkness will fall more and more each day. And a promise that within hidden with that darkness, there is Light. The Year of the Soul follows the promise of that light (Soul) hidden within the darkness of matter and the personality. It is suggested that during each Equinox (Autumn & Spring) and Solstice (Winter & Summer) that a tradition be created within families and spiritual groups (NGWS, women & men of Goodwill) that at the very moment of the passage of the Sun into the cardinal (Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer) signs, the Soul & Great Invocation along with the Mantram of Invocation be recited. In this way, we become part of the greater cycle of cosmic events, that influence and guide humanity's evolution.

Libra, Sign of Choice
Libra "chooses the Way which leads between the two great lines (personality or Soul) of force." Libra allows us a quiet time in which to ponder upon these two lives of force, and then, as one of the signs of crisis, forces us to choose. Like the Arjuna/Krishna story, Arjuna awoke one morning to the sounds of battle. Krishna, the Teacher, pointed out that Arjuna, the aspirant/student, would need to choose a side to fight on. Always the pacifist (often an excuse), Arjuna refused to choose for he saw that both sides of the battle consisted of different members of his family. Krishna informed Arjuna that he must choose. And so we, during Libra, are presented with a similar situation of two polarities from which we must choose. This is our "crisis" point. Choosing the Soul (discipleship in Scorpio) the Path is filled with Light. Choosing the ways of the personality – matter (Virgo, for perhaps we still must learn lessons within form and matter) – the path is less lit. We stumble about until the choice again is offered.

Eclipses, Foreshadowing the Autumn Months
The last month of summer (August, 2008) brought us two eclipses, solar and lunar, at the Leo New and Full Moon festivals. Eclipses represent profound and penetrating changes are occurring (will occur), on inner and outer levels in the lives of humanity, all kingdoms, governments, nations, and ways of living and being. Following the eclipses is Mercury retrograde (September 24 - October 25) at 22 degrees Libra. Retrogrades are very useful. They are times when planning and strategies can be set in place. They are times of rest and recollection, reappraisals and reassessments. Our minds become tired and overloaded with information in the days between Mercury retrogrades (occurring three times a year, each three weeks); the last being May 26 - June 19th. There are behaviors to be avoided during Mercury retrograde times such as: making commitments or important plans; beginning a new job; filing legal matters; undertaking new and untried plans; getting married; buying a car and/or large expensive items.

The Eclipses & Three Signs of Crisis
Leo (location of eclipses) is one of three signs (Leo, Libra, Capricorn) of crisis and testing points for individual aspirants. Eclipses take their time to manifest the inner (solar) and outer (lunar) changes. For six months we live under their influencing shadow – three months prior and three after. The recent financial chaos (in the sign of the Mother or Virgo, symbolizing matter & form), the week of Sept. 15-19 is an example of ecliptic (things fall away & disappear) influences.

The test of Leo concerns the Crisis of Individualization as it manifests in two parts. First there is diffused inchoate power and then personality integration. The test of Libra is the Crisis of Balance where from chaos there emerges a sense of self-direction and equilibrium. The equilibrium is between Soul and form. In Libra there is choice based upon knowledge of duality (two choices) and our effort to balance the two. The test of Capricorn in the Crisis of Initiation in five stages and in this sign emerges the Christ or Soul life. Capricorn provides a higher synthesis (integration) and Soul control, which is, no longer individual consciousness, but group consciousness. Humanity learns at this time through suffering. When the personality (form and matter) is exhausted, it "reaches up" to a higher reality, calling in aid and assistance. This is when the Soul is able to emerge, becoming the director of the personality.

Triangle of the Father
These three signs of crises and testing constitute a triangle of the Father (Will, Ray 1) aspect. For humanity it is through meeting crisis that there is the possibility of attainment and triumphant achievement. Humanity is experiencing these tests and trials at this time, through our present day economic crisis (which will continue in the years to come). Humanity has a choice as to the outcome. We pray that the minds be illumined and that the world disciple (humanity) proceeds with enlightened activity. The New Group of World Servers is to play a part is humanity's choices. We are to invoke the Light of Illumination, and with our Spiritual Will (willingness) radiate the Light of God into the minds of humanity. Each level of each kingdom has its part to play. May we each do our part.

Mercury Retrograde - Backward & Inside Out
Travel during Mercury retrograde can be difficult with unusual and unexpected events occurring. All thoughts, outer activities and plans turn inward. It is as if everything suddenly became backward, turned inside out, and became instant Virgos. Thoughts turn to research and analysis. After Mercury retrograde turns direct (October 25th at 7 degrees Libra with Sun in Scorpio) there will remain the "shadow of the retrograde" until the end of October. This means that although Mercury is slowly moving forward it will not meet its original degree of retrograde (22 degrees Libra) until October 31st. Our minds and all life's events will be affected by this shadow.

Learning During Retrogrades
In classes during the autumn, an emphasis on review allows students to learn more efficiently. Mercury and Gemini rule the mind, learning, communication and everyone's minds will be both internal and in the past, unable to effectively learn new information easily.

Other Planets & Asteroids Retrograde
Prior to Mercury's retrograde two other planets will have completed their retrograde passages – Jupiter (rethinking philosophical challenges and seeking new goals) and Pluto (cleansing and purification in order to transform). While Mercury is retrograde we will have two other planets along with two asteroids also retrograde – Uranus (prepare for revolution), Neptune (prepare for dissolution in order to refine), asteroids Vesta (seeking the deepest importance in life) and Chiron (preparing to know and confront the wound).

Introspective Times
Autumn of 2008 will be a very introspective time due to the retrogrades. We will realize it's best to maintain reliable concepts and methods (Uranus retrograde), we will renew and review our spiritual and religious lives (Neptune retrograde) and we will prepare for Pluto's return to Capricorn as we watch the prevailing structures continue to topple, fail and move into chaos – eventually leading ustoward the beginning of the new culture and civilization (Aquarian

The Night Sky
October's night sky – Jupiter can be seen in the south just as nightfall begins. Venus returns as the Evening Star, rising higher and higher into the sky each night. In the last eighteen days of October, those rising about an hour before sunrise will be able to see Mercury in the morning sky. It will look like an apparition and each day reach higher degrees of magnitude until at the end of the month (27th) Mercury will have doubled in size and brilliance. One of the mornings Mercury will hover just left of the new crescent Moon.

September & October's Festivals
During September & October there are many festivals – Christian, Jewish, esoteric festivals, holydays and holidays. Rituals and festivals provide humanity with reasons to celebrate, remember, and acknowledge the passage of time, a spiritual endeavor.

  • Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 30th;
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Saturday, October 4th (when the animals are blessed);
  • Yom Kippur October 9th;
  • Columbus Day, Oct. 13th;
  • Sukkoth at the Full Hunter's Moon and solar festival of Libra, October 14th;
  • United Nations World Food Day, Oct. 16th;
  • UN Eradication of Poverty Day, Oct. 17th;
  • St. Luke's (Gospel writer) feast day, October 18th;
  • United Nations Day, Oct. 24th;
  • World Disarmament Week, Oct. 24-30;
  • Sts. Simon & Jude's feast days along with the New Scorpio Moon, October 28th;
  • All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, October 31st where, with the expansive Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Moon "something sweet and wicked our ways comes"

Lighting the Way
The United States, now Pisces progressed Sun, whose cosmic and spiritual task is to "light the Way for all nations and humanity (Destiny of the Nations, A. Bailey), will continue to experience purification (fire, water). There will be continual shifts (toppling & falling) in the economic (Uranus, Libra, Capricorn) realm, food shortages and continued need for greater safety (Saturn in Virgo), excessive gas prices, loss of homes all due to excessive greed by the few and lack of government controls and regulations. Wall Street will affect Main Street. As the chaos continues new controls and structures will need to be set in place. Compassion and understanding are called for here.

Call for Community
In the meantime, as mentioned over and over in my columns, a move toward the establishment of community of like-minded people following a sustainable, off-the-grid lifestyle (prepare for many to follow) is the model for the Aquarian Age. Through the autumn and well into winter, the planets affecting the United States will push us further into the reorientation. The August eclipses, bringing essential as well as outer changes, will continue their influence well into 2009.

November's Elections
Of course the most important event this autumn is the Tuesday November 4th elections for the next United States president. (Esoterically, the disciple in training to be a world leader will have planets in Leo, a sign most potent at this time in our history (Esoteric Astrology, page 286). Unfortunately Election Day is void-of-course (v/c) until 4:01 pm (Pacific time). Watch the news carefully for events stemming from a v/c day where no connections seem to occur easily. There are interesting planetary aspects Tuesday – Mars in Scorpio square Neptune in Aquarius (we'll be tested and challenged to choose the best candidate who can direct us into the "new world order"). Saturn in Virgo (critical food shortages, criticism of the ethics of the candidates) is opposite Uranus (a surprising event in the structure of voting may occur). Mercury enters Scorpio early morning Tuesday. There will be something secret and mysterious the whole day long as we vote.

Since all of these election day events are enclosed within the void-of-course moon, until the moon enters Aquarius at 4:01 pm, there will be a feeling of unreality as ideas, issues, people and events won't connect or be understood. The evening's much better. By the next day, Wednesday, we'll know who our new president is. We pray that the all of us living in the United States and able to vote have the mental awareness and capacity to know, see and vote for the one who will be able to steer our country through the coming reorientations and, later, be able to move our country out of the ashes of chaos and into the new world order of service, goodwill and equanimity for everyone.

ARIES: (March 21 - April 20) Most of your thoughts will turn toward relationships – what they mean to you, how they serve, tend to and care for you, and what your expectations are. What is also important is to ask yourself if you serve others in relationships? If so how? If not, why not? Know that how you were tended to and nurtured in your early years will be mirrored in relationships. Choose now, with awareness and deep inner thought, to make relationships better, more loving due to deep intentions of goodwill.

TAURUS: (April 21 - May 21) You will assess what daily chores need to be done in different ways, what should be eliminated and what kept. You will ponder upon a totally different lifestyle, one that includes things green, sustainable, community oriented, solar, wind energy, location, safety zones, and the best way to create both protein and vegetables in the most efficient way. Better get going. Time's running out. Gather and meet with friends, learn preparedness skills, move into the future. But research now, then plan later.

GEMINI: (May 22 - June 21) You'd best hook up to a Taurus and find out all they know so you can disperse it to the rest of humanity. Since Taurus is about safety concerns seven generation beyond now and you're about gather and distributing information, what information do you have that's new to dispense? The coming times and the reorientation that's all around us is a starter. What do you know about this and what are your plans? Review and reassess.

CANCER: (June 22 - July 22) Your new age tasks have to do with family, informing them of all you know concerning the present situation occurring in our country and on our planet (the great shifts). It's also important that you review your living situation. Are you happy there, is there room if family suddenly moves in, do you have a root cellar, can you can vegetables and fruits, where is your garden and what are you growing. Nurturance and sustainability are on your mind. Where and who is your present family and what must you now learn?

LEO: (July 23 - August 23) You are a leader though perhaps, in your pursuit of trying to know and understand yourself through creative efforts, you're not quite aware of this. It's time to set self aside and figure out who your community of peers is, where they are, and how you would like to live in the coming reorienting times. Let's see…what if there's less food, banks fail, and your present life-style no longer serves you? What would you do? Where would you go? Who would be your partners and colleagues with enough information for survival? What are you present pursuing and is it useful?

VIRGO: (August 24 - September 22) For several months you'll ponder what is of value to you. You'll think about yourself – are you valuable or not? We are all very valuable but sometimes it takes years, even lifetimes, to realize this. Simultaneously there will be thoughts about money and resources. Where does yours come from now and in the future. Are you able to give to others? An economic reorientation is just beginning in our country and in the world. Are you one of the new world servers who will help create the new materialism? Then you're very valuable.

LIBRA: (September 23 - October 23) Something new begins for you this autumn. It will positively affect your sense of identity, sense of self as creative (not just a constant worker). There will be changes occurring at home – deep and penetrating ones. And a new level of study and thus communication will emerge. These experiences will strengthen your thoughts on healing others as you develop a penetrating understanding of present world conditions. Be kind to family. Do unto them what you would want done to you. Honor them – which is one of the Ten Commandments.

SCORPIO: (October 24 - November 22) On deeply spiritual levels, it's Mercury that influences and informs you about ethics, virtues, and ways of being. Mercury also develops your contact with divine regions of reality, informing you that, after the nine tests of Mars, your communication must contain intentions for Goodwill, which creates Right Relations with all the kingdoms. This autumn these words will help you understand what is taking place internally for you will be serious and contemplative, seeking solitude along with answers. Later you will turn toward others in the capacity of serving them.

SAGITTARIUS: (November 23 - December 21): It's a good time to be social, to investigate what groups of people think and act like you, see you as a leader with great humanitarian goals, and also allow you to be just part of the group. What you will experience is warmth and friendship, laughter and kindness, pleasure and fellowship. Beliefs will be renewed along with new values and new goals. Create a journal of daily thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations. You will become even more non-conforming. Maintain equanimity.

CAPRICORN: (December 22 - January 20): You'll be very busy reworking your network of professional friends, recreating work schedules and agendas, finding yourself at planning meetings where your innate Capricorn leadership skills emerge. Up up you go on the ascending ladder and who you are in the community is applauded, seen and recognized. For those Caps unhappy with current jobs, work and/or profession, it's time to move to another venue that brings forth your gifts and makes you happy and prosperous. Whatever you do, if you love it, you succeed.

AQUARIUS: (January 21 - February 18): Do travel, meet new people, read more (histories, biographies, geography), go to school, teach a class, create a weekly group that discusses what you're interested in, talk about the coming times and create a community of those concerned with future survival, allow yourself to be challenged, inventive, and even more different than usual. Know that your beliefs, attitudes, opinions and what you consider to be of value will change. Remember you come from the future so change is what's expected of you

PISCES: (February 19 - March 20) You may experience a sort of being alone this autumn. This doesn't mean there is no interaction with others. It means you will experience a solitude that allows you to ponder upon the past, understand what you value and with these thoughts attempt to create something new in terms of work in the world. Events in the past two years have created within you a strength and orientation you didn't have before. These will inform your choices and ways of being withothers. You have learned much. Now you can teach.

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