Letter from Risa

Dear Friends,

Hello to everyone all over the world who visits our website daily, weekly and monthly. We hope you continue to do so and the esoteric and astrological information remains a useful and practical tool in all areas of your lives. The reason for this letter is to inform everyone what our Esoteric Group and Institute is presently undertaking and to give our readers an opportunity to help us in our endeavors. We are presently interested in purchasing land for the purpose of creating the first intentional community and esoteric college based entirely on the information in the Djwhal Khul/Alice Bailey books.

Our interest in purchasing land is to create, build and provide educational (Montessori pre-school through College), agricultural, healing, and retreat centers for students, seekers, and organizations the world over who aspire to study the Tibetan's material within an already established esoteric community. We will be providing not only a prototype community living model (village), but in-depth study in astrology, both mundane and esoteric, as a basis for further liberal arts college courses. Most of you are aware of our Esoteric & Astrological Institute in Santa Cruz, California, providing esoteric classes for students for the past ten years. This next step toward the expansion of the Institute is the purchase of land.

Our purpose, which we have accepted as the enduring goal of our organization, is the education of humanity. Simple words, big endeavor. How we will accomplish this is through the creation of the community wherein the members, students, and visitors, through the study of Esoteric Astrology, Psychology and Healing, live the Principles and express the Laws of the New Age as outlined by the Tibetan Djwhal Khul in the Alice Bailey books, and through the building of a college wherein the esoteric teachings form the core of all the disciplines studied in a regular college. Furthermore, we will be establishing and building a Healing Center based upon the principles the Tibetan has outlined in his book, Esoteric Healing. Our entire intent is based on the following endeavors: To pioneer a new creative culture; to build a new Aquarian prototype village; to establish a training center for future leaders of the new Aquarian era who will unfold and demonstrate a practical and esoterically informed vision for the new world; and to provide an educational system based on spiritual Laws and Principles of new Aquarian era through study of Esoteric Astrology, Psychology, and the Rays, and the construction of the Antahkarana (bridge between matter/form, Soul, and Spirit). All of these endeavors constitute the acceptance of our group's part in the working out of the Plans of the Hierarchy, as they interpret the purpose of Shamballa, the Place Where the Will of God is Known.

So, imagine if you will, a beautiful village and educational center dedicated to the study of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, where the group with whom you are studying -- members, students, and visitors, young and old -- have the following focus in their lives: the education of humanity, the externalization of the Hierarchy, and aiding in the Reappearance of the Christ, who is the Aquarian Teacher. Imagine a center for retreat, contemplation, and participation in the daily work of an esoteric community based upon the Laws and Principles of the Aquarian Era -- where Goodwill prevails for the purpose of Right Human Relations, the outcome of which is Peace; where the Principle of Unanimity (oneness) is studied for the expression of Group Endeavor; and where the Principle of Essential Divinity is the foundation for the Spiritual Approach of the group.

The plans for these centers within the community extend far into the future. Our first step in meeting and accepting the responsibility of the education of humanity and aiding in the Externalization of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ is in acquiring the land. It is here where you can help in this manifestation should this endeavor meet a responsive chord. We are asking for contributions of any amount that will go into a fund for the purchase of the land, the building of houses and dormitories, and the establishment of the schools and centers. We ask that you send your contributions to EASI - Esoteric & Astrological Institute Community & Educational Fund, 340 Bailey Blvd. Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464. What we receive, updates on the land purchase and the conferences and seminars we will be offering will be posted on our website. For those who feel they have other contributions to offer, or if anyone has questions, please write us. May we travel into the future together in the establishment of Love and Wisdom in the world.








Our Purpose

To educate the minds and hearts of people in every land in ways that evoke Right Human Relations.

"Right Human Relations" is not simply goodwill, as some people might think; it is a product or result of goodwill and the instigator of constructive changes between individuals, communities and nations."

-- Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul,
The Externalization of the Hierarchy


Our Values

• We are committed to using astrology and esoteric (Ageless Wisdom) teachings as tools for understanding.

• We are committed to live by the Aquarian principles of group, community, and service to humanity. Our emphasis is on group work -- group objectives, group relationships, and group fusion to the larger whole.

• We are creating new archetypes to bring about Right Human Relations with all of the Kingdoms -- spiritual, soul, human, animal, plant and mineral -- with the objectives of upliftment and sustainability. We assert that Right Human Relations is the foundation for world peace and the core principle for the new civilization.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a prototype educational community/village where daily life becomes active service and where we live by the Laws and Principles of the New Age. The community will be a center for education, leadership training, agriculture, healing and research with schools for all ages and disciplines within an astrological and esoteric context.


Making the Vision a Reality

If you would like to help make our vision a reality, please send your contributions to:

EASI - Esoteric & Astrological Institute Community & Educational Fund
340 Bailey Blvd.
Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464