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Libra Begins the Soul Year


During Libra a very important Spiritual occurence takes place for seekers on the Path. It is the time in which the personality first becomes aware of the presence of the Soul. Due to this recognition of the Soul by the personality, Libra is considered esoterically to be the sign that begins the Soul Year. During the time of Aries through Virgo, the personality grows in strength (through sensory experiences) while the power of the onlooking Soul is quiescent. During Libra the personality ceases its experience-gathering activities and begins to be aware not only of itself but of the Soul as well. Both the personality and the Soul stand within their own domains (the personality working within form and the Soul working within the mind), both are equal within their own realms, and both gaze at each other in rather startled wonder. Called an interlude, this awareness is what creates the balance point referred to in the sign and month of Libra. From Libra through Pisces, the Soul gathers strength and assumes greater and greater power, direction and guidance over the personality. In Libra we balance out our choices. In Scorpio we re-orient our lives based upon those choices.

The senses are involved in this process also. From Aries through Virgo, the senses were simply the mode through which the personality experienced form. The Soul, in its realm, received the impressions gathered by the senses. But in Libra a reorientation begins to take place. The Soul begins to gather all the information from the senses and eventually synthesizes this information for the purpose of understanding how to direct the personality. Then the Soul enters into contemplation. It contemplates form and the personality within form. It also contemplates how it will go about its directorial duties, for form is not the natural realm of the Soul. The Soul, which is Light, exists in the higher mental realms.

At a later stage, after the mind gathers and synthesizes the five senses, the Soul contemplates (a Soul activity, detached from the mind, which is in a state of quiet) the sensory information, and begins to receive information (Light) from the Spiritual realms. The Soul then, being aware of both the higher and lower dimensions (Spirit and matter), begins to radiate the Spiritual information into the mind. The mind, thus irradiated swings its attention to form. We, the carriers of this mechanism of Light unfoldment (we become a radiance), then irradiate form and matter through our thoughts, words, and our touch. In this way, all of matter becomes redeemed.

Our knowledge, awareness, and intentional use of this activity of Light is what accelerates our evolution, and in turn, the evolution of all the kingdoms on Earth of which we are the stewards. It is our purpose and our divine work.


The Sixth Sense


The Sixth Sense is Intelligence or the Mind Principle, which functions on seven different levels. Unlike the five physical senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing, the Sixth Sense (or mind) is a non-physical sense, yet its purpose is to synthesize (bring together and create a reality larger than its parts) the five physical senses. As humanity developed different qualities of awareness, new and expanded senses were awakened and utilized. In the past, we were developing the five physical senses. Now we are developing the non-physical Sixth Sense. And, as shown clearly in the film, "The Sixth Sense," we are developing a non-physical sense in order to "see" what previously would be considered non-physical realities.

The senses are the means by which we become aware of, connect with, and contact what is in our environment. With our senses we investigate, experience, and discover physical reality. Through these faculties our awareness expands from unconsciousness to self-consciousness to pure consciousness itself. Ancient Wisdom teachings refer to the senses as our "individual assets," through which we demonstrate "the ability to assert our individualization." Think about this, for it leads to expanded self-identification.

The five physical senses were developed in the following order: (1) hearing, (b) touch, (3) sight, (4) taste, and (5) smell. Each sense provides the Thinker (the Soul) with important information concerning physical form/reality outside the self:


  • Hearing -- direction and location of self in physical reality
  • Touch -- quantity and value
  • Sight -- proportion and movement in relation to other bodies
  • Taste -- value as it relates to our essence
  • Smell -- quality and appeal


Therefore, we can say that the purpose of our five physical senses is to help us connect with the physical reality which exists outside our physical bodies. Our five physical senses contact the world of matter, whereas the two remaining non-physical senses, the mind and the intuition, contact (and are contacted by) the world (planes) of Spirit. Without the physical senses we would have no capacity to make a connection with things in form. These senses, and our conscious awareness of them, also allow us to decipher between what is our own selfhood and what is not. Notice that this last statement concerning the polarity of self and not-self connects with the function and purpose of Libra, the sign of balancing polarities. In this instance, the polarity is the difference between the self (you or me) and the not-self (physical objects). At a later stage we will understand the polarity between the self and the Self.

Through the ages humanity's development of the senses has allowed us to become more and more of a connecting force in our environments. Now, as we continue to develop our minds and intellects, the physical senses will be synthesized. The result of this continuing development is that we will become aware of a far wider range of non-physical realities, and thus our knowledge base, our connectivity, and our inclusivity will increase dramatically.

The Sixth Sense, being the mind, includes seven levels of intelligence &emdash; from logical concrete to abstract (see the, "Constitution of Man" diagram in Night Light News, Gemini 1997, volume 1, issue 4). The Sixth Sense corresponds to Ray 5 of Concrete Knowledge (concretizing Spiritual realms). It is important to state here the fact that knowledge is not understanding. In the film, "The Sixth Sense," the young boy saw and communicated with (and therefore knew they were there) "dead people," but he did not understand why they were there or how he was able to see and hear them.

The physical senses do not only give us information about the physical world. They also have esoteric components and parallels. Each sense corresponds to one of the 7 Rays (note also that each race/culture/nation is connected to a ray and thus to a specific sense), and each sense is connected with an activity of the Godhead. Connecting each of the senses with an activity of God provides us with an organizational structure through which we can better understand Creation and its continual unfoldment in our daily lives. One who has knowledge of this is one who has "knowledge of God." In Bailey's, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, it is stated that, "...the whole object of the senses is to reveal the not-self [personality], and to enable the Self [Soul] to differentiate between the real [inner realities] and the unreal [surface, veiled, outer realities]." Therefore, the senses have the purpose of revealing to the Soul the nature of physical reality so that awareness of the true Self can be revealed. In other words, we can say, "I am the Self. I am not my body, my emotions, or my brain. Nor am I the home I live in or the car I drive. I Am the Self." Through the senses we identify, utilize, manipulate, and finally reject all that is the not-self. Eventually, through the synthesis of our senses, the truth concerning our true identity and evolution within Life stands revealed.



Note: The following article on inspiration (Sagittarian opportunity) is from Alice Bailey's (for Djwhal Khul) Glamour: A World Problem. Inspiration is the fifth stage in the Five Stages of Meditation. The article also speaks of music and sound (both of which inspire us). Two signs are noted for their musical sensitivity and ability &emdash; Pisces and Sagittarius. The article explains esoterically why, for Sagittarius, this is so. Note the meditation suggestion at the end of the text. For readers who have not read the DK/Bailey material first hand, this is an excellent example of the teachings, all of which are written to activate and stimulate the abstract Mind.

Inspiration is a process of qualifying, vitalizing and stimulating reaction of the personality, via the centers, to that point of tension where Soul control becomes present and apparent. It is the mode whereby energy from the Soul can flood the personality life, can sweep through the centers, expelling that which hinders, ridding the aspirant of all remaining glamours and maya, and perfecting an instrument whereby the music of the Soul and, later, the musical quality of the Hierarchy can be heard. Forget not that sound permeates all forms; the planet itself has its own note or sound; each minute atom also has its sound; each form can be evoked into music and each human being has his peculiar chord, and all chords contribute to the great symphony which the Hierarchy and Humanity are playing, and playing now. Every spiritual group has its own tune (if I may employ so inappropriate a word) and the groups which are in process of collaborating with the Hierarchy make music ceaselessly. This rhythm of sound and this myriad of chords and notes blend with the music of the Hierarchy itself and this is a steadily enriching symphony; as the centuries slip away, all these sounds slowly unite and are resolved into each other until some day the planetary symphony which Sanat Kumara is composing will be completed and our Earth will then make a notable contribution to the great chords of the solar system &emdash; and this is a part, intrinsic and real, of the music of the spheres. Then, as the bible says, the Sons of God, the planetary Logoi, will sing together. This, my brother, will be the result of right breathing, of controlled and organized rhythm, of true pure thought, and of the correct relation between all parts of the chorus.

Think out this theme as a mediation exercise and thereby gain inspiration.


Source: Glamour: A World Problem, by Alice A. Bailey
What is Compassion?

Considered the highest expression of human emotion, compassion is not a single virtue but a distillation of all the virtues. Compassion is a blend of fairness, kindness, gentleness, honesty, respect, courage and love. If, in our daily response to life, we express appropriately any or all of these virtues, we are a compassionate being. Compassion is not sympathy nor is it emotional, and the compassionate person is not easily affected by the emotions of others. Compassion is an energy not unlike empathy, which acknowledges the emotions of others without entering into or being swayed by these emotions. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a being of compassion. Compassion is a state of consciousness. Joy is the result.



Right Human Relations


There is a needed service, great in scope, that aspirants and disciples are being asked to perform for humanity. This service is the establishment of Right Human Relations in the world. It is a creative, loving, and selfless service, yet to master it one must be aware of internal and personal tensions and crises, and the laws governing service. It has to do with right speech, educated minds, thoughts that are "divinely indifferent," and emotions that are limpid.

Since this is the month in which Gemini, the thinker and crafter of words, is prominent and thus influences us, it is important that we learn at this time how to bring forth Right Human Relations so that our Light Bearing life of service, and its results, can begin immediately. There is another, and more present, reason that we not lose any more time concerning this. The tragedy in Colorado has made us aware that when children are made to feel less than adequate, different, and/or strange due to attitudes and words spoken by their peers, a dreadful retaliation can occur. The news has recently expressed the views of young people who feel that through critical words, actions, and attitudes, their lives have been adversely affected.

Words affect us in one of two ways -- they can empower or disempower. If words are used to empower, an individual, when surrounded by acceptance, has a safe field in which creativity and individuality emerge. If, on the other hand, words are used to belittle or embarrass, the creative field of endeavor dissolves and an internal battle within the individual, based upon disempowering influences, can rage. If we examine our lives and consider how other people's words and attitudes have influenced us, we will understand the Ancient Wisdom statements that "thoughts are actions; thoughts are deeds; energy follows thought; and words can heal and/or destroy."

So what is Right Human Relations, and how and where do we begin? First, there is an underlying theme that must be articulated and understood: Right Human Relations is established through the development of a spirit of Goodwill. So, perhaps the real issue to study is Goodwill. In order to do so, we must look at the issue as a Gemini would: by stating the opposites and thus defining a spiritual problem. In our midst, and escalating moment by moment, is the need to completely counteract the present pervasive levels of criticism, cruelty, and hate, supplanting them with the technique of Goodwill. To practice Goodwill one must also train oneself in it, have imagination when practicing it, be creative in articulating it, and have the intention at all times to work within it. Right Human Relations doesn't just happen. It's a result of a conscious effort of thought and word and deed. These are the components of Goodwill.

Goodwill is an expression of love, both human and Godlike. It is a scientific approach to relationships. Goodwill has potency and a dynamic effect on the environment (including people) in which it is exercised. It changes attitudes and is the one singlular activity that, if practiced by humanity, will revolutionize the world. The ultimate result of Goodwill is absolute peace on Earth. These are simple statements, aren't they? Yet most of humanity is not aware of Goodwill as a practical and potent individual and group activity available through intelligence and intention.

In the present struggle in which humanity finds itself, as nations war against nations, political leaders jockey for ascendancy in power, and individuals become increasingly fearful, Goodwill is the one wise, far-seeing, sane, unselfish, and commonsense approach toward peaceful solutions. We are at a turning point in our evolution at this time. With the Shamballa Force amplifying and quickening daily, it is time for humanity to begin to build a new world structure where the Four Freedoms are exercised and where law, order and peace provide fundamental stabilization for each individual, nation, and the world as a whole.

Goodwill calls for the use of our intelligence. Working with the intention of Goodwill actually educates each individual in the creation of an atmosphere and an attitude that make the solving of our individual and global problems a real possibility. Goodwill overcomes differences in politics, nationalism, and religion. Goodwill is a Truth, and like all Truth, if activated, creates a demonstration of Truth that is recognizable in that it changes the quality of life of all whom it touches.

There is a call, therefore, from the Hierarchy of our planet, to create a group of men and women who are agents of Goodwill, who can be active in the world by expressing and negotiating Goodwill, and who can dedicate their lives to the betterment of humankind by bringing about the consequences of Goodwill -- Right Human Relations. This group, known to the Hierarchy as the New Group of World Servers, practices on inner levels. Their daily speech is filled with harmlessness; their minds are intelligent, educated, and knowledgeable about world problems; their actions assist others impersonally; and they demonstrate their ability to strengthen the lives of all others struggling to bring about peace and freedom for the many.

If this standard and vision of Goodwill is practiced by each of us individually, then we will build the standard for the future of humanity. Another interesting result occurs, and that is, if Goodwill and the resulting Right Human Relations are practiced by enough men and women, the evils and cruelty that presently plague us will be exposed and eventually eliminated and a spirit of inclusivity will reign throughout the world.

There is an ancient triangle of Great Ones that constitutes the potent forces of peace and Goodwill. At the three points of the triangle stand the Buddha, the Spirit of Peace, and the Avatar of Synthesis. At the center stands the Christ (also called the Lord Maitreya, or the Coming One). The prayer emanating from this triangle with the point at its center is the first line of the second stanza of the "Great Invocation," which is, "From the point of Love within the heart of God, let love stream forth into the hearts of men." The distribution of this force is the primary work of humanity and the singular work of the New Group of World Servers. This, and only this, is the activity that will mobilize against hate and evil, that will right world affairs, and that will inaugurate the new culture and civilization. We ask you to join us.


The Great Invocation
From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men --
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
From the center which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out.
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

The Brain, the Mind, the Soul, and Knowledge


It is important to understand how we actually build the substance of our mind and the levels in which our mind functions. Most people think there is a very small distinction, if any, between the brain and the mind. For clarification, the following are definitions of the areas within the physical brain that function as the mind. Each area works within a different frequency and dimension:

  • brain: the physical organ containing blood, nerves, fibers, etc., holding the electrical processes of the mind.
  • lower mind: the concrete mind where we gather facts, analyze, and think logically.
  • Antakarana, or Soul connection: the bridge we build through aspiration, intention, imagination, and information to link the lower mind with the higher mind. Soul is the bridge.
  • higher mind: the abstract mind, where facts previously gathered in the lower mind transform into symbols.
  • Buddhic, or intuitive, mind: having passed hrough the previous mind processes, we enter this realm, also known as the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things, where pure knowledge is attained.


Forty-nine Levels of Consciousness

To better understand the levels of the mind, we have included a diagram of the forty-nine levels of consciousness, or dimensions humanity lives within. Notice that there are seven main planes or dimensions, each divided into seven sub-levels, for a total of forty-nine. These are the actual dimensions, levels, or frequencies of the physical Earth plane. Humanity has developed levels seven (the Physical plane) and six (the Emotional plane), and recently we have begun to develop the fifth (the Mental plane). This article will primarily refer to levels five and six, since humanity's present developmental stage lies within the potential fields of the Mental planes.

If we look at the seven sub-levels of the Mental or Fifth plane, we see the first four levels constitute the lower mind. The triangle at the fifth level represents the Soul level, or in Sanskrit, the Antakarana. The last three levels on the mental plane constitute the higher mind. Above the higher mind are the seven levels of the Intuitive, or Buddhic mind. This is the area I am speaking of when I refer to the Rain Cloud of Knowable Things. It is pure knowledge.

Now to explain. The first four sub-levels of the Mental plane constitute our lower, logical, concrete, reasoning mind. This is where we gather, take in, and accumulate concrete facts. When a certain amount of information has been fed to the brain, a transfer to a more expanded dimension of thought takes place, and the collected information shifts into the higher, abstract mind. All the data and factual information, upon entering the higher or abstract mind, transforms into symbols. Symbols portray vast amounts of information in one glyph or pictograph.

But something else occurs before the higher mind is reached, and this has to do with contact with the Soul. The Soul is a point of Light linking the lower and higher mind. Because it is not made of dense matter, the Soul cannot descend into our concrete mind. We must reach up ourselves and meet the Soul. And this is done through the building up of our lower mind with the substance of meaningful, concrete, factual information. When our lower mind has been filled with enough applicable and personally relevant information, like climbing a ladder, the substance of information builds and finally reaches the Soul. The Soul then allows entrance to the higher, abstract mind.

When Soul contact occurs, the personality (body, emotions, lower mind) comes into contact with its real self. The word man is a derivative of the word manas, which means "mind" in Sanskrit. When the higher mind is contacted, the personality is able to be one-pointed in its purpose, the context for our personal service to humanity unfolds, and "life's reason finds us."

Humanity has not always had conscious access to the mind. We have grown in developmental stages, from physical to emotional and now to the potential mental capacities, like a baby learning to walk. As we stand at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, it will be our purpose to develop all of the dimensions of the mind. We will be helped by the Hosts of Gemini and Aquarius and the planets Mercury and Uranus. Their responsibilities, until Earth completes its evolutionary journey, are to pour forth to humanity, through wind and light and electricity, the needed impulses of aspiration, curiosity, discovery, and insight. This will eventually lead to planetary Goodwill, Right Human Relations, and full membership into the New Group of World Servers.

Constitution of Man


The Esoteric Interpretation of Christmas


It is said in many ancient scriptures that a child by the name of Jesus (Hebrew Yeshua was born on Earth 2,000 years ago. His parents were Essenes, members of a spiritual community whose bloodlines were prepared and protected for more than 12,000 years and whose members were chosen during the end times of Atlantis by the Manu, teacher or spiritual guide (God) of Earth.

Jesus' parents were Mary (Hebrew for "Mother of God") and Joseph. He was born in Bethlehem (home of bread), in a manger (simplicity & humility of Pisces) while the sheep (humanity from the Age of Aries) watched. Three kings (members of the Hierarchy) followed a star (Sirius, home of the Hierarchy and of the Christ, a job description for Regent of Earth) and presented (gifts humanity would receive) the Child with gold (consciousness), frankincense (will), and myrrh (love). (The are the three main rays and the triune aspects of God.)

As a small child, Jesus was taken to Egypt (to learn in the pyramidal Mystery Schools) until he was twelve, at which time he returned to Jerusalem (city of peace, place of Solomon's Temple, center of Earth's etheric Mystery School) to begin His ministry of teaching, which the Buddha paved the way for, 500 years earlier. Whereas the Buddha prepared humanity's solar plexus, where desire resides, the Christ's mission was to open the heart, where love resides. (The present Aquarian Age has the purpose of opening the higher regions of the mind and a teacher will again reappear.)

Jesus was born during the height of the Roman Empire, which was also the time in esoteric history when Earth and humanity had reached the deepest level of materiality. Seen from outside our solar system, the Earth globe and all her kingdoms were encircled with impenetrable dark clouds. Called miasmas, these clouds were formed from centuries of human violence, hatred, and wars, all due to our ignorance. Before this time, humanity had the ability to see, hear, and speak directly to God and the angels, but the accumulated darkness of thought forms circling the globe made it almost completely impossible for communication between spiritual and human realms. We needed a lot of help.

The darkness around Earth was so dense that the Hierarchy thought Earth would have to be destroyed. But during a meeting, held every twenty-five years among the Guardians of Earth, two of the Hierarchy made a suggestion. Perhaps there could be an infusion of light imparted to the planet that could dispel the centuries-old thought-forms of ignorance so that the life of Earth and all its kingdoms could be saved. Eventually it was decided that an experiment would take place. It would occur in two parts and would include two very high Being Initiates - Jesus, the Initiate in charge of all religions on Earth, and the Christ, head of the Archangels who dwelled in the heart of the Sun and whose original home was the star Sirius.

The role of Jesus in this plan was that He would prepare and vitalize his physical body for thirty-years in preparation for the indwelling of the Regent from the Sun, called the Christ. Why Jesus had to prepare a body for the Christ was that the energy from the heart of the Sun is too intense for physical birth and the Christ could not take thirty-three years of encasement in a physical body.

The result of the dual work of Jesus and the Christ was a cleansing of all parts of the Earth and its inhabitants. Light began to penetrate Earth from the moment of Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago, was accelerated when the Christ entered Jesus' body, and is still accelerating our evolution. The birth of Jesus was the beginning of a new spiritual illumination on Earth. It was a dispensation, or change, from darkness to light. Every year at Winter Solstice, this light once again penetrates the Earth. With each passing year since that birth in the manger 2,000 years ago, the frequency, vitalization, and vibration of Earth increases.

I want to acknowledge that this information, to some, may be revolutionary. But if we ponder on it, much of the Bible (encoded and veiled information) will begin to make sense, and the religious separations based upon who Jesus and the Christ were, no longer continue to be applicable.

The Christmas Tree


In ancient times, the ornamented and lighted Christmas tree symbolized the birthday of the Sun, whose rays, during Winter Solstice, once again face northward. Each season provides a different level of light affecting and influencing the Earth. At the Winter Solstice, and throughout the entire winter season, the Sun's luminous rays descend through tree branches, where, if seen with extended vision, they gleam like dancing flames. From Winter Solstice through midnight on the morning of December 25th, a light can be seen flaming from the sky penetrating the heart of all matter, including humanity. It is said that even the nature spirits, seeing this flame of light, cease all activity.

The star placed at the top of a Christmas tree symbolizes the Star of the East, which the Three Wise Men followed. This star is Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, located to the left of Orion's belt. Sirius is said to be the home of the Christ, Regent of the Earth, the home of the Hierarchy, the source of Masonic ritual, and the next stage in humanity's initiation process, should we so choose.

The sensitivity and response we feel to the lights and brightness of a Christmas tree are due to the fact that this symbol reflects our own physical and spiritual selves. We are reminded during this season that our bodies are the Tree of Life, that the chakras are our candles and lights, and that six inches above our heads swirls a five-pointed star that represents the Soul connecting us with Spirit. Truly, we are radiant, illumined, "walking-in-the-light" beings, as filled with beauty as the Christmas/solstice tree.


Bush: An Astrological Look at the 43rd President of the United States

by Risa D'Angeles

This year's election was astrologically significant considering all the confusion (Mercury retro during election day) that surrounded election day. It is important to understand who the new president is from an astrological and esoteric viewpoint. By understand President Bush's chart we will be able to understand what his presidency will be like? The following is an astrological (mundane and esoteric) analysis of President George W. Bush. There is also reference to his chart as compared with the United State's chart. For many, Bush is an enigma. For others, he's a mild sort of guy, not necessarily highly educated or widely traveled outside of the United States. He has a master's in business, owned the Texas Rangers, is the son of a former president (papa Bush), and has a ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he retreats often with family and friends. Last year, he inundated us. Television loved him. Late-night comics like David Letterman and Bill Maher mocked him. "Saturday Night Live" even captured his speech patterns, grimaces, and discomfort in the public eye unmercifully in many comedy sketches. We've seen that Bush's Cabinet is made up of distinguished and powerful men with extensive military and political backgrounds, a handful of professional women, and an inclusion of different races and cultures. He calls himself non-partisan and say's that he hopes to unite both parties. These are the outer aspects of Bush that we know about. Yet, the person called George W. Bush remains hidden. Who is he? Why does he talk in the way that he does? What is of importance to him, and what can we expect from this person, the 43rd president of the United States?


Astrology (horoscope interpretation) can explain who Bush is, why he was elected president and what his interests are. An astrological chart, computed mathematically at the birth of a person, place, and/or event, is a picture of one's potential on levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The horoscope is a blueprint for that potential and the life events (example: being elected president) that each individual experiences. Therefore, the task for George W. Bush (and for all past presidents) is the most appropriate school for meeting and fulfilling the potential, or divine blueprint, provided by the information in the horoscope. Let's begin with George W. Bush's chart and proceed later on to the U.S. chart. Left-sided chart. Notice that most of the significators (planets, asteroids, Sun, Moon, etc.) are positioned on the left side of Bush's chart. The left side of a chart means that one experiences life as a loner and that decisions are not dependent upon anyone else's opinion. Only one's own experiences are valuable. This is the chart of a rather hermetic person, very relaxed when alone or with family or intimates, and whose purpose in life is to create knowledge of self. Relations with others are not primary. Bush does not learn from others' experiences or realities. He learns within the reaches of his own personal realities. The Sun in Cancer (in the 12th). Bush is really a Pisces. The 12th house is the Pisces house. It's about behind the scenes activities, retreats into solitude, hiding away for protection and revitalization. Bush is often at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, a very small town with few residents. The 12th house is also about having faith and devotion to the past and to spirits, either angels and saints or alcohol. Bush is known to have imbibed rather heavily in the past. A 12th house Sun can have deep religious feelings. Bush has said, "I have Christ in my heart," which is a 12th house way of speaking. The fact that the Sun is in Cancer gives Bush his deep reliance on family and close friends. Cancer, the gateway where Spirit comes into matter (birth), is the sign of family, nurturance, and self-protection. Cancers are the crabs (not crabby) of the zodiac. (Each zodiacal animal/symbol provides us with the inner meaning/purpose of the sign.) Crabs tend to walk sideways, circle around, emerge for a moment, and then scuttle away and into their shell for both protection and contemplation. All of this movement has to do with assessing situations first before final decisions are made. Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means they initiate things. Yes, they initiate, but only after deep brooding on a subject. Watch, look, and listen to how and when Bush makes decisions. Bush's Sun sign of 13 Cancer is the same as the sun sign of the United States. This is significant. The Sun sign is how one views reality and what type of will is inherent within the individual, place, and/or event. When one's Sun sign is the same as another's, there is a deep undercurrent of understanding between the two. This is the case with Bush's chart and the United States'. There is also another significant astrological piece of information and this connects to Bush's spiritual feelings (12th house). The largest star in our sky, east of Orion's belt, is the blue star Sirius. This star is located at 13 Cancer (also the degree and Sun sign of both Bush and the United States). In ancient Persia, Sirius represented prosperity. If Sirius connected with an individual's (place and/or event) chart, that person/place or event could "create prosperity." Bush has had great success and prosperity in real estate ventures. Esoterically, it is from Sirius where Love originated, along with the ancient tenets of masonry. It is written that our "World Teacher" (the Christ), also came from Sirius. In the autumn of 2003, the planet Saturn (disciplinarian, structure, the Dweller on the Threshold) will be at 13 Cancer which means Saturn will be on the Suns of Bush and the United States, joining Sirius. When Saturn was previously at 13 Cancer (August 1974) Richard Nixon resigned from office.

Leo Rising

The Rising sign is always at the 9 o'clock position on an astrology chart. It signifies how we present ourselves and are seen by the public. Leo rules the heart of all matters. It's the sign of royalty (Texas royalty here). Bush's Rising sign is Leo. He is perceived by many to be charismatic. Leo Rising also means that the most important issue for the individual is to create a sense of individual identity. Leo is the sign of individualization, meaning that through one's creative efforts (often hidden efforts due to Bush's Sun in the 12th), personal self-awareness emerges. When Bush has referred to his choice of Cabinet members, he often says, "They have good hearts." That is a Leo Rising statement. There are three major planets in the First House. The First house of every chart is about personal identity. Bush has three planets in the First House: Mercury (communication), Pluto (power), and Venus (unifying heart and mind). This configuration, along with his Leo Rising, informs us that Bush has his own opinions (verging on arrogance) centered on himself (Mercury in Leo), and is very skilled in the art of power manipulations (Pluto in Leo). With Venus in Leo, there is a pecking order adhered to in all social situations, with Bush making sure he is always at the top. During his Harvard years, Bush was known as a "sky decker." This is one who sits at the very top of the amphitheatre in order to observe all proceedings "on high" without being involved in them. Bush's Venus is in Leo. It connects with the United States, the Moon, Mars, and Pluto. Translation: Bush's politics will, at first, look like gestures of peace and friendship. The power structure will be hidden underneath in day-to-day events. Bush has one planet in the Second house: Mars. The Second house is the house of values, money, and resources. Mars is the planet of strength, energy, activities, and efforts. It describes the direction of force (where we direct out time, efforts, and interests), one's emotions and desires, risk taking efforts, and challenges. In this case, Bush sees himself as the resource and value to the people. He has the physical and mental skills and energy to amass great wealth. Mars is in Virgo in Bush's chart. Virgo is the sign of detail and discipline, and an attempt to achieve a perfect reality. Tolerance is the antidote to this need for perfection. We shall see how tolerant Bush really can be. Perhaps he will learn this. Bush-Mars connects with United States-Uranus by a square (90 degrees away). This is a very challenging situation. Personal values vs. the goals, ideals and needs of the people. It can also mean a war of some type could occur. Anger is a manifestation of Mars/Uranus. Training of the disciple is another. We shall watch and see. Stellium in the Third House. A Stellium means there are three or more planets in one house that are mathematically close. Bush has three planets (including Moon), one asteroid (Juno, empowerment) and one cometoid (Chiron, wounded healer). Remember Clinton, the guy who brought titillating aspects to the presidency along with charm and Socks the cat? Clinton had multiple planets in Libra, too. I'd say Bush is simply carrying forth the torch the previous president lit. And what is that? Libra is the sign of harmony being reached only after tremendous chaos (creativity) is experienced. In terms of Bush's Libra, it's positioned in the Third house of Communication. At times, when Bush speaks, chaos is the result. In time, we will all learn to understand him, though. Libra is the sign of partnerships. The key to Libra success is in creating joint partnerships with those who can and will cooperate. It's those five Libra indicators in his Third house that explains why Bush's finest ability is to create teams. And with his Leo Rising, after creating his team, George then becomes the team's leader. Quickly assembling his Cabinet of cooperative and skilled problem solvers (Cold War warriors). Bush selected the best, they will surround him, and he will rise with them. Libra never works alone. The Third House represents our mental processes, the way we communicate and relate to others. It is also the house of education. Bush ran his campaign on an education platform. The Third house also represents something very esoteric and that is the enfoldment of knowledge necessary to complete the journey of the Mutable Cross. Though this may sound difficult to comprehend, we actually had this experience with Clinton. The Mutable Cross contains four planets whose responsibility it is to provide experiences that lead us to a new state of consciousness. Bush, due to the multiple planets in his Third House in Libra, will provide us first with an interlude and then with experiences that could lead to a new state of consciousness. This is a Third (Gemini, a mutable sign) house function. Houses Four through 10 in Bush's chart are pretty much empty. Houses in a chart represent different areas of life. Unoccupied (by planets) houses mean those areas of life are not involved in our evolutionary experiences. They were or will be in other lives.

At the core The 11th house of Aquarius (house of the era and the New World Order) with Gemini on the cusp. This is the core of Bush's chart as it connects with the U.S. chart. The North Node (the Path) and Uranus (revolution, change, future realities, Ray 7) reside there. They connect with Bush's Jupiter (expanding consciousness, Ray 2) in his Third house and they connect with Mars in the U.S. chart. The 11th house represents not only political activities spiritual visions and aspirations but this is the house of service to humanity and the New Group of World Servers. In serving as the president, Bush is not only serving the group called humanity (us) but is participating in the New Group of World Servers through his communication, which seeks to unify, be bipartisan, and create cooperative teamwork. Listen to him talk. Synthesis is always his focus. And the purpose of North Node in Gemini is to synthesize polarities in our nation. This is a Uranian and Capricorn Ray 7 (order and synthesis) function to bring Love/Wisdom (Ray 2) into activity. Saturn in the 12th house. Saturn (Ray 3, Active Intelligence) is the Dweller on the Threshold. This is the esoteric way of describing the energies that discipline, test, restrict, and structure us (the mind). Saturn in the 12th could mean that, though his religious feelings may be hidden (12th house), they definitely structure and discipline him, which builds his mind. Bush is a very thoughtful and religious person. The North Node signifies our Path in life. Bush's Rising sign (willingness to lead and be the heart of the matter) is one degree away from the North Node (one's Path in life) of the United States. We can therefore say that Bush is willing to lead the United States on its path of evolution. Esoterically, each nation has a spiritual purpose. The purpose of the United States is to "light the way" for the world. Leo is ruled by the Sun, a star that illumines and provides for the continuation of life on this planet. The sign of Cancer concerns itself with the perpetuation of the species. If we blend the United States and Bush's Sun sign in the spiritual waters of Cancer with his willingness to lead (Leo rising) in the same position, signifying the "path" that the United States must take (North Node in Leo), it is very possible that Bush is in fact the appropriate person to be the next president of the United States in this astrological time when the World Soul (humanity) is attempting to be resurrected (12th house). It takes light (Leo) and compassion (12th house) to birth (Cancer) a new world where harmony and synthesis (Gemini and Libra) are invoked. This, Bush does quietly and constantly.

The Esoteric Side

In addition to analyzing a chart of an individual (nation, event, place, etc.) on the outer appearances (personality) level, there are also the causal or inner (Soul) level analyses - the esoteric. It is a distinct possibility that Bush's presidency will train him further in the leadership qualities of vision, right proportion, and a spirit of synthesis. The energies and forces inherent in the comparison of the charts of Bush and United States greatly underscore this possibility. What about our responsibility? It is good for us to be active and consider that we too can and do have a responsibility to help support these energies and processes outlined in the chart interpretation above. To begin with we must disarm ourselves from anger, prejudice, and/or any emotional reactions that stem from a belief that Bush somehow is our president by default. That sort of attitude stems from the fact that we see only outer appearances. Consider for a moment that perhaps Bush is actually the person for whom the whole world is waiting. Consider that, of all the U.S. citizens, Gore notwithstanding, Bush could be the one to resurrect us out of our illusions based in the far reaching past. Consider also, that our growth will not come necessarily through harmonious means but through chaos that is at first destructive (of the old) and then creative (of the new); and that Bush could bring us to that state. Should that be our consideration, we would accelerate our evolution, support the ways and means to that evolution, and collectively become the "lights" that "light the world." Actually, this is our esoteric (inner) destiny. In terms of Bush's chart, esoterically interpreted, as president, his purpose is to learn to be a great world leader. Remember, the chart is the picture of one's potential. His destiny, as leader of the free world, is to model the will to good, so that right human relations can manifest on Earth. Translation: Personality experiences are about to be over and Soul experiences are about to begin. Moving from one level to the next, more inclusive level of reality is called Initiation. It takes an Aries (mid-heaven), with a North Node in Gemini (synthesize polarities) with Leo rising (willingness to lead) and Cancer Sun (birth of new reality) to capably lead us there. That's the plan of the Hierarchy (Great White Brotherhood - white meaning forces of light as opposed to forces of darkness). Bush has now been called forth to be that leader. It is, after all, in his chart.


The Soul Invocation: Creating the Rainbow Bridge


For many, the word meditation brings to mind a resistance and/or a feeling that we simply cannot meditate. This is because meditation has been presented and thought of as an attempt to still the activities of the mind. (Actually, the practices of stilling the mind and the practice of reciting a constant mantra is considered, esoterically, to be dangerous to the mind.) But meditation, when defined esoterically as the second stage in Meditation and as applied to Virgo, has more to do with the factor of time. Time, in this case, means a prolonged focusing of the attention upon a seed thought or upon a phrase, idea, or potential. (Note that the time factor [gestation of an idea] and the focusing of the mind replace earlier meditative practices of stilling the mind and/or chanting.) The factor of time esoterically means spending time to focus the mind in order to develop a mental control. Time (nine months), for example, is what is needed for a child to gestate prior to birth. Virgo, this symbology of "taking time," has to do with the idea of patience, and of allowing the "thoughtform" of new life (the life of the Soul, which is also consciousness and Love) to unite with the personality in order that the personality can be useful to the Plan of evolution.


Building the Antakarana (Soul Bridge)

Virgo is ruled on the personality level by Mercury, the planet of building the substance in the mind. As we come to knowledge about the second stage in the process of Meditation (called meditation), there is a visualization exercise -- called the Antakarana -- that focuses the attention on Virgo's task and calls in the activation of the Soul. Also called the Soul or "Rainbow Bridge," the Antakarana also bridges the three aspects of the mind (lower, abstract, and intuitive). Remember that Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is a mental sign. This exercise also builds new "mind substance" and has the purpose of connecting (Mercury's function) the personality (physical body, emotions, logical brain) with the heart-anchored Soul. The Antakarana connects the personality (three aspects) with the Soul (three levels of Mind). Building the Antakarana. is

the responsibility of each individual. It is constructed from four cornerstones (like the base of the pyramids) of esoteric awareness. First is our aspiration (fire) to make a connection with our higher natures (Soul and Spirit) and the keen desire for liberation. Second we must know the purpose for building this structure. Third is the realization that we must construct this bridge ourselves. And fourth, we must build the Antakarana through and upon our practice of visualization. (Note: the two rulers of Virgo, Mercury and Vulcan [veiled by the Moon] have much to do with building the Antakarana.)


Six-pointed Star

Like the symbol for Virgo, the Antakarana, when built (combining two triangles), creates a six-pointed star. The following are the initial steps in building the Antakarana. (Further in-depth information can be found in Bailey/DK's book, "Education in a New Age. ") After constructing the Antakarana, intone, "The Soul Invocation" -- words of potency that "call forth" the activation of the Soul. Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable. In your mind's eye visualize two triangles. Light up the points of each triangle and then build a bridge of light between the two triangles. Now see all the lights on each point vibrating. Invite the Soul triangle (the Spiritual Triad) to merge and intertwine itself with the personality triangle. As they merge, they form the shape of the six-pointed star, and the larger reality of Light vivifies the smaller reality of the personality. Visualize the lines of the star with the six points vibrating with light. Place yourself at the center of this star and visualize your chakras filled with the Light of Divinity. Now, for the purpose of self-identity and to call the Soul forth, say the, "Soul Invocation":


The Soul Invocation

I am the Soul
I am Light Divine
I am Love
I am Light
I am Fixed Design.
Om Om Om
(The Om is the sound that creates integration.)

This visualization and invocation can be done at any time, anywhere. It is good to begin and end each day with it. In times of stress, calling forth the Soul in all matters aids and harmonizes all situations.


The Law of Sacrifice

The first and easiest law for humanity to understand is the Law of Sacrifice, most presently experienced in our previous Age of Pisces (Ray 6 which is waning). It is also called the Law of Death and is signified in the Rosy Cross which is the emblem of the Rosicrucian Order. This law is the theme of all the world religions (all religions are Ray 6) and thus we can understand the idea of death and martyrdom (Ray 6 behaviors). This law signifies an outpouring of the original manifestation of the Divine Creator.

On the greater Soul level, the law of sacrifice signifies the impulse to forgive, the desire for at-one-ment, and is the basis of the Christian doctrine of love and sacrifice. Distortion of this law has created glamour and illusion around the idea of sacrifice and the result was and continues to be a doctrine of death instead of a doctrine of Life (giving, maintaining, flourishing Life), a distortion seen currently in the Islamic fundamentalists for whom life is not important and thus their death decrees.

Our Earth was fashioned under the law of sacrifice, which is the Law of Giving. The Solar Deity (the outer form is our Sun) gave (projected) His Life to the Universe, the solar system, to the planet, and from this "giving" the manifested world appeared. The Cosmic Deity (God, the Father) also gave His Life in that it was His Impulse, Will, Desire, Incentive and Idea to appear in the form of creation (the created world of form). The Word (thought, idea, etc.) was spoken and clothed in Flesh (matter, called the Mother of the World or the Divine Feminine, also in sacrifice). The Cosmic Christ sacrificed (gave His Will to the Father's Will) His Life at the time of His Crucifixion and the result was/is Spiritual (going toward Spirit) evolutionary (ending involution, the process of going further into matter) opportunities for all kingdoms of nature in all of the created worlds. This latter began the present ever increasing aspiration for knowledge (Aquarian dispensation) of the Plan (executed by the Hierarchy and the New Group of World Servers) and its future outworking, much of which humanity is still unaware. All Great Lives made great sacrifices in order that the kingdoms of Earth could appear.

For humanity, the Law of Sacrifice is experienced as the sacrifice of the individual gifts being provided to the group, which is a significant Aquarian stage of development and awareness. What this implies is that first the individual has individuated (made aware of self as distinct from others through experiences in daily life) and is aware of an aspiring need to serve others (through his group which is sought when Soul direction takes place). Offering one's individuality to the group does not imply a giving up of individuality. Instead the individual's gifts are offered for their use to the greater reality called the group.

This group can be of two types. One type of group follows the forces of darkness and involution (moving deeper into darkness and matter). The other type of group aligns with the Forces of Light. The distinction between these two group forces is significant. The Forces of Light work within the Love (quality of the Soul) principle as the Soul (bridge between Spirit and matter) is the directive link. The Forces of Light work for the flourishing of Life. The forces of darkness have no such link to the Soul and therefore they not only lack love but are repelled by it. The forces of darkness/involution's purpose is to bring death to Life. Thus these two groups are polarized.

It is important to know the differences between not only the forces of dark and Light, but to understand the act of sacrifice each human is called to perform in the Aquarian Age. No longer is the individual to perfect only the self as that was part of the developmental stage of Pisces (self development). Now the individual, mirroring the great sacrifices of the Cosmic and Solar Logos and of the Christ, is being given the opportunity to make the great sacrifice of offering individual self to the group in order that the Aquarian Age of knowledge and education unfold with complete direction from the Soul.

When individuals unite in a group the available energies for group activity and the ability to manifest Spirit into matter are exponentially greater than any individual can possibly do on their own. As Aquarius is the sign of community, group purpose, and, through Uranus, pours onto humanity Ray 7 of synthesis, it is through the sacrifice (Scorpio) of the individual self (Leo) for the group (Aquarius) that Scorpio prepares us. Through the tests and trials of Scorpio, we eventually reorient to greater Spiritual realities and like the Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene we say to the Father (who knows the Purpose of our lives) in unison, "Not my will but Thine." And thus our great act of service (and sacrifice) to all beings begins.