Astrology and Health

Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology used to maintain health by identifying, through the birth chart, individual strengths and vulnerabilities. Medical Astrology also provides insights into diagnosis and prognosis, and is able to address specific individual treatments.

Capricorn and the Body

Capricorn works with:

  • the digestive system
  • processes of the gallbladder
  • calcium metabolism
  • joints, cartilage, bones, and teeth
  • patella and knees
  • the skin

Saturn is the planet that transmits Capricornian energy. It governs the skeletal system. This includes the parathyroid glands in the neck, which regulate the metabolism of minerals necessary for bone formation. The homeopathics, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and Bach Flower Remedies specifically for Capricorn (person and time of year) follow:

Homeopathic: Calcium phosphate (Calc. Phos). This cell salt is a very important constituent of bone tissue. It assists in the absorption of calcium, therefore is essential for young, growing bodies, menopausal women, and the elderly. It aids in the healing of bone fractures, and helps prevent indigestion and the malabsorption of foods. Foods containing Calc. Phos are spinach, cucumbers, lettuce, figs, plums, strawberries, almonds, lentils, whole wheat, barley, rye, fish, and milk.

Herbs: Comfrey strengthens bones and elasticity of the skin; mustard and chicory are used for joint pain and rheumatic conditions, and chamomile and cloves are remedies for toothaches.

Vitamins: Vitamin A for the skin and proper protein metabolism in the liver. B-complex, especially B-2 (riboflavin) which functions as part of a group of enzymes involved in breakdown and utilization of carbohydrates, fats, and protein, and regulates the delicate sodium-potassium balance in the body. Vitamin C for gum disease and tooth problems, to heal wounds, decrease swelling in painful joints, and is key to collagen formation. Vitamin D improves absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous required for bone formation. Bioflavinoids act with Vitamin C to prevent cholesterol build up. Lecithin is an emulsifying agent that breakdowns fats aiding the function of the gallbladder.

Minerals: Calcium and magnesium. The ratio should be 2:1, twice as much calcium as magnesium.

Bach Flower Remedies: Oak and genetian.  


Aries - Rules the head.

Taurus - Rules the throat.

Gemini - Rules the shoulders, arms and hands.

Cancer - Rules the breast, chest and stomach.

Leo - Rules the heart and spine.

Virgo - Rules the intestines and pancreas.

Libra - Rules the loins and kidneys.

Scorpio - Rules the reproductive organs.

Sagittarius - Rules the thighs.

Capricorn - Rules the knees.

Aquarius - Rules the ankles.

Pisces - Rules the feet.